Barack & Hillary: Beautiful Minds

Sometimes I vote Republican; sometimes I vote Democratic. It all depends on the issues at hand. This time, I felt the domestic threats (economy, health care, energy, etc.)  are far greater than the foreign threats (Iraq/Afghanistan). So, I started out thinking that perhaps Hillary Clinton would be best for the the nation. (The girl does have a beautiful mind!)

But as time went on, I realized that Hillary also suffered from “the smartest person in the room syndrone”. Beautiful minds usually know they are smart, but fail to realize that they don’t know everything. They are right so often that they have a really hard time admitting error or accepting defeat. They end up fighting for the sake of their egos. The input of others is considered a waste of their time.  And, they always over play their hands. 

I had to ask myself if we could really solve this nation’s problems with an autocratic leadership style that comes with such an attitude. The answer is “NO”. We’d have “gridlock” of major proportions in the largest sandbox in the nation. (After all, Hillary has been working on healthcare since 1992, and still millions are lacking still.)

Then, I looked around and realized there was another “beautiful mind” who also had a “beautiful heart” and was willing to work with others toward real solutions — Barack Obama.

So, I began to wonder if these two beautiful minds could work together. I’m not sure.

What do you think?

Scott McClellan – Disgruntled or Remorseful?

The main character in my novel, MARIAH JENNINGS – The Battle (tagline: Too holy for the corporation; not holy enough for the church),  had the same dilemma Scott McClellan must have had while working in the White House. Mariah had emphatically delared that she would not do anything “illegal, immoral, or unethical”. Yet she stayed with the company where “illegal, immoral, and unethical” behavior was rampant. She stayed because she believed in the power of one voice, that her standing up for what was right would somehow inspire others to do like wise. Did they? Well, not exactly. Was it because of their fear of losing their jobs or their desire to maintain the cohesiveness of the group by being a team player and submitting to authority.

McClellan’s co-workers have labeled him as disgruntled because he did not shared his doubts about the Bush policies during his tenue.  His co-workers also said he was asked to step down because he did not contribute to policy discussisons. You know, they say “if you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all”.  So, why is he talking now? Perhaps, the current state of our economy and the huge spending on the war in Iraq is enough to make him remorseful for not speaking up.

What do you think? Disgruntled or Remorseful???




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bookcover.jpgClick Here to Read a 25 page excerpt from my book Mariah Jennings – The Battle; Too Holy for the Corporation; Not Holy Enough for the Church (PDF)

 More about the Book:

Destined to be an evangelist, at four years old Mariah Jennings is thrust into a battle for her heart. A battle between heaven and hell. And Satan is determined to win by whatever means necessary. In Tennessee, South Carolina, and Michigan, the struggle intensifies over forty years before an almost silent God.

In the heat of the conflict, Mariah hangs in the balance between a corporation that has been forced into corruption and an overly zealous church. She has had trouble before, but nothing like this. At work, she locks horns with her boss, Gerhardt Schultz, and must choose between gaining the world and saving her soul. At church, she is taunted with a lie that brings her to her knees.

Fearful one moment and bold the next, Mariah is downright misunderstood. She proves to be too holy for the corporation and not holy enough for the church.